Special Events

Special Events for 2022 include:

Range Cleanup & Maintenance Day: May 7th

Annual range maintenance & clean up day begins at 9AM.  Useful items you could bring include shovels, rakes, and wood working hand tools (saws, screw guns, etc.).  Lunch will be provided and all help is appreciated.


Semper Fi All Steel Benefit Match: May 14th

This will be our 10th year hosting this incredible match. The course of fire is very similar to a standard Steel Challenge Match with at least five steel targets per bay, various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Centerfire competitors will draw from the holster while rimfire competitors will from low ready. There will be six stages this year and each competitor will shoot each stage five times and the best four will be counted for score.


This is a great match for all ages and skill levels. Plus, there will be a prize table and nobody goes home without a prize. The money raised is sent to The Semper Fi/America’s Fund. As of September 2021, Semper Fi & America’s Fund has provided $255 million in assistance to 26,500 service members and their families. The Fund’s committed volunteers and passionate staff work tirelessly through a unique care model the provides lifetime support to our wounded, ill, and injured across the nation and overseas. Now in its 16th year, the Semper Fi & America’s Fund mission has greatly expanded from its humble beginnings around Karen’s kitchen table. The Fund is dedicated to putting its arms around our Nation’s Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard service members and their families to Serve Those Who Preserve Our Freedom. One of the unique aspects of the Semper Fi/America’s Fund is that 94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to a veteran or their family to assist whatever need they might have.

To register go to https://practiscore.com/2022-semper-fi-fund-all-steel-benefit-match-clone/register


New Shooters Clinic: June 4th

The public is welcome to come experience the shooting sports disciplines that are hosted at LCHG throughout the year, free entry!


For more details go to https://practiscore.com/new-shooters-clinic/register


Father’s Day Match: June 18th

This will be our first year hosting this match. There will be four never before seen stages incorporating the everyday aspects of being a dad. There will be items such as a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, grill with all the utensils and a few other items that should be found in our “dad bag”! These items will be intermixed with KO plates, Texas Star, Revolving Plate Rack, Dueling Tree, and Pepper Poppers.

The cost of this match is $20.00. Fifty Percent of the proceeds will be returned to competitors in the form of gift cards and the remainder will go into the range general fund.


Stay tuned for more great events!