Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge matches will take place on the first Saturday and the third Wednesday of the month from May through October.  Saturday matches will be held in the morning, and Wednesday matches in the afternoon.  Check out the events on our Practiscore page for start times.  All matches are dependent own weather conditions and could be canceled.  It’s imperative that you check Practiscore  prior to a match.  You need a free PRACTICESCORE account to register for these matches and to do other things on Practicscore.  Go here to sing up for a free Practicscore account: Practiscore Signup

Check Practiscore for detail registration info, Safety meeting and Match start times.  Safety meeting is mandatory for all competitors. Each match will feature three to five official SCSA stages. Minimum round-count will be 75-250 rounds depending on number of stages.

Pre-registration and payment is available through Practiscore (we prefer you Pre-register online, saves us a lot of time), but you can register and pay the morning of the match. Cost is $15 per shooter per gun with a maximum of two guns. Youth under the age of 18 shoot free. All scores will be submitted to SCSA for classification purposes.  Online registration will open two weeks prior to each event and will close at 6PM the day prior.  Register at: Practiscore

Chapter 3 of the SCSA Completion Rules covers competitor equipment.  Rules

Eye and hearing protection is required for all competitors and spectators. Anyone observed without eye or hearing protection will be required to leave the shooting area until such eye and hearing protection is worn or used.

Rimfire competition does not involve the use of a holster. It is permissible for a Rimfire pistol to be transported between stages in a holster.  Either a gun case or a holster must be used for transport.

The use of 3-gun carts for transporting Rimfire Rifles and Pistol Caliber Carbines is permitted at all match levels.  The long gun must be flagged at all times.

Divisions and Classifications can be found at: Divisions and Classifications

Steel Challenge Rules can be found at:  Rules

All match scores are uploaded to Steel Challenge and can be found at Practiscore by clicking on “Results” and searching for “LCHG”.

Remember that some of the above links will require a free Practicscore Account.  Register at: Practiscore

For more information contact:

Tommy McCullough