Junior Shooter Scholarship

What is it?

In an effort to promote competitive shooting and in support of the future of our rights Last Chance Handgunners has money available to help send junior and youth shooters to MGM Junior Shooter Camps.


Who is eligible?

Competitive shooters under the age of 18 belonging to a family with membership at our range.  Applicant must have a history of competitive shooting at LCHG and live in the immediate area.


What is available?

Financial assistance to be used for camp fees and costs associated with travel, lodging, food, ammunition, and/or gear not to exceed $250 per applicant.  Our goal is to provide the maximum amount of $250 to each attendee, however in cases where LCHG receives more approved applicants than funds will allow that amount may be reduced to assist as many as possible.  Scholarships will be paid to the applicant’s parent or guardian to be used in any manner necessary to assist with attendance.


What camps, classes, or courses does it cover?

Our main purpose is to provide assistance to attend either the MGM Junior Pistol Camp or the MGM Junior 3Gun Camp held annually in Parma, ID.  Additional courses may be considered on a case by case basis and must be consistent with the types of competitive shooting hosted at LCHG.


How do I apply?

Submit completed copy of the applicatiion along with proof of registration in one of these camps and copy of essay submitted to MGM Foundation with camp registration.

Scholarship Application