Range News

LCHG Range Schedule 2024

Last Chance Handgunners will be hosting the following events in 2024. We encourage members and non-members to enter and attend any events they are interested in. During these events parts of the range will be closed off, and during Range Cleanup Day, Semper Fi, and Rolling Thunder the whole range will be closed to non-participants for safety reasons. Specific times for each event and its setup can be found on the Calendar page.

March 23: Steel Challenge (Weather Dependent)

April 13: Defensive Pistol (Weather Dependent)

April 27: Steel Challenge

April 27-28: Midnight Multigun (CANCELLED, rescheduled to May 25-26)

May 4: Range Cleanup Day

May 11: Defensive Pistol

May 25: Steel Challenge

May 25-26: Midnight Multigun

May 30: Semper Fi (Setup)

May 31:Semper Fi (Staff Match)

June 1: Semper Fi Benefit Match

June 8: Defensive Pistol

June 22: Steel Challenge

June 30: Multigun

July 13: Defensive Pistol

July 27: Steel Challenge

July 28: Multigun

August 10: Defensive Pistol

August 24: Steel Challenge

August 25: Multigun

August 31: Rolling Thunder

September 14: Defensive Pistol

September 28: Steel Challenge

September 28-29: Midnight Multigun

October 12: Defensive Pistol (Weather Dependent)

October 26: Steel Challenge (Weather Dependent)

October 27: Multigun (Weather Dependent)